Settling nerd debates once and for all!

Since I now see my sexy geeky girlfriend on Mondays and Thursdays, it’s getting hard to get a post out on schedule. I think I’m going to try moving to sundays and wednesdays. Adjust your calendars, folks… I know this matters to you.
Today, we’re going to address some easy answers to some tough nerd debates.
Is Deckard a replicant!? I think part of the reason why Blade Runner is so beloved in nerd circles is because of this little ambiguity that completely doesn’t matter. Yeah, if he was a replicant that would be an ironic turn for the story. Yeah, there’s definitely room for that interpretation, but the point is that there’s room for it, not that you are supposed to endlessly debate it one way or the other.
As a side note, one of my current English classes has a real problem with ambiguity. Some of the people absolutely can’t tolerate it and demand one specific reading. Others languish in it and just mentally stop after saying “it’s ambiguous”. I don’t want to accidentally praise Blade Runner here, but the strength of a good ambiguity is that it lets you see multiple (often contradictory) interpretations by themselves, and then realize the beauty of the ambiguity on the whole. If you’re arguing on a scene by scene basis whether or not Deckard is a replicant, you’re missing the point.
I know I’ve said several times that I will soon go after Blade Runner on this blog. I really should at some point, but I just can’t bring myself to sit through it and outline a post.
“They’re not zombies in 28 Days Later… They’re people that are infected with the rage virus.” Sure, technically you may be right here. Although the movie doesn’t go into huge detail about how the rage virus works other than saying it works really fucking fast, the people aren’t exactly the living dead. That being said, 28 Days Later is absolutely a “zombie movie”, even if it features a slight variation on zombie lore. I Am Legend, one of the founding pieces of the zombie subgenre, features vampires, not zombies. It’s a zombie flick, okay? Stop quibbling with this.
Okay so that’s two quick answers to end nerd debate. Here’s a call to start one.
Fahrenheit 451. This book is awesome. I’m sure you know that, though. What bugs me is when people cite this as a book about government censorship, when it’s not at all. It isn’t about some oppressive force wanting to squash all provocative ideas and keeping the people down. It’s about the people themselves no longer wanting those ideas as their minds rot away, since their culture has simplified everything. Fahrenheit 451 itself has been simplified and misunderstood and changed into “that book about the government burning books”.
Now THAT is more ironic than some replicant killing other replicants.

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