Drag Me To Hell

Connecting sentences be damned! I’m going to tell you why Drag Me To Hell rocks in a completely scatterbrained and bullet pointy way.

– Sam Raimi will own your soul for about an hour and 40 minutes. You will laugh when he wants you to laugh, cringe when he wants you to cringe, and jump when he wants you to jump.

– It’s a great premise. It’s a little campy, but a scary enough idea to make you wanna go with it. Because the demons are deliberately screwing with Christine, they can come and go constantly, giving Sam Raimi complete control. It also has a built in build over the three days to the finale.

– HUGE amount of scares. Most horror films these days have three or fewer really good scenes. This movie is absolutely littered with them.

– Good balance between sudden jump scares and masterfully built up suspense.

– The film is not afraid to get a little silly at points and poke fun at itself (and horror in general). I think this will turn some people off the film, because the tense parts are so excellent, but it’s what gives the movie that “old school” feel that everyone is talking about.

– Alison Lohman carries this movie, and she is fantastic in it. She does a particularly good job of balancing the silly parts with the scary parts.

– The filmmakers don’t go out of their way to overtly sexualize Lohman as “the horror girl”, nor do they attempt to play up her innocence.

– You’re never ONCE taken out of the movie with a “but wait, why would she…” type of question. As soon as you have such a question, it is immediately addressed.

– The character building moments between the scares were extremely well written, acted, and directed. The movie is not about getting you from scare to scare.

– It’s PG-13 (14A here in Canada) and it kicks the shit out of most R-rated horror films today. Seriously, this will be the one people point to when people complain on message boards about PG-13 ratings on the next big remake.

– There’s one pretty direct Evil Dead reference that will make fans giddy.

Go see it before I ruin it for you with my hypey hype mouth. I suggest going on a friday or saturday so you have a nice crowded theatre… it’ll be a blast.


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