New summers… new horizons… new reviews!

I think things have gotten a little tired here on the mineshaft. I will also admit that I have little to nothing on my mind to put here today. It’s been very busy with school. So, in a mildly half assed post, here we go with a look forward towards things to come.

I’m one of those people that really can’t see the appeal of things I don’t like. This means that much of the world and the world’s culture is a complete mystery to me. The popularity of things like Twilight, Russell Peters, and Sports in general are troubling and perplexing to my mind. This summer, there are a few new things that I would like to explore through this blog… and perhaps gain an appreciation for in the process.

1) Final Fantasy (and other JRPGS of note). Yeah, there’s a major gap in my gaming appreciation and knowledge when we hit this mega franchise. I hope to play through a handful of these this summer and give my thoughts on them. I played through FF1 last summer, finding it nothing short of enraging. It’s one of those classics that everyone has learned from, but is still relevant in terms of history. Maybe I’ll jump a few games forward to the ever popular FFVI or FFVII and become one of the converted… we’ll see.

2) Bizarro Fiction. I’ve always enjoyed works of “Weird Fiction”. The obvious example of H.P. Lovecraft springs to mind. He’s a cool dude. I like the work by most of his pals and contemporaries as well. I’m also a huge fan of China Mieville (OMG HIS NEW BOOK COMES OUT NEXT MONTH), who loves to describe his work as “Weird Fiction”. Bizarro Fiction is apparently taking the term “weird” and stretching it to the limit, allowing for really shocking images and style. These books all have really provocative titles, some of which are so shocking that you can’t help but be lured in.. The authors seem to be weirdos, with the odd literary professor or two in there as well. It may not be that much of a “new movement”, even though people seem to think so, but I’m curious to take a peek at a book or two so I can figure out if it’s a worthwhile thing or not.

3) Westerns. As long as we’re filling in gaps in knowledge and pop culture history, this is a big one that I’m missing. I did really enjoy 3:10 To Yuma though … and it was mostly a shot for shot remake, or so I’m told. The only “classic westerns” that I’ve seen other than that are High Noon and Rio Bravo. I liked both of them, but I don’t enough knowledge of the western in general to make any kind of informed statement about them. This summer I plan to learn a thing or two about some of the classics of John Ford and Sam Peckinpah and so on. I might learn that I’ve been avoiding a whole genre of film for no reason at all. 

Obviously you’ll have your typical rants and reviews on here as well. I’m going to try and balance my new summer endeavors with everything else. I think just the act of putting these goals up here makes me more likely to do them though… so that’s good. 

Hope everyone is ready for summer!


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