I’ve read a whole bunch of top 5 and top 10 lists for movies, but the other day I think my roommate and I came up with a new one. So here we go:

Movies that were almost (but not quite) ruined in their last moments by bad acting, bad writing, or bad something else.

The Dark Knight. This is what mostly inspired this list. That fucking kid at the end of the movie comes reaaally close to ruining everything that The Dark Knight was trying to build up to. I don’t think I need to say much more about this one, but it was hard to shake off as I left the theater.

Revenge of the Sith. I like Natalie Portman… and I don’t at all blame her here, but when I thought about this, the “you’re breaking my heart” line immediately jumped to mind. This movie did a LOT to make you hate it in the last 20 minutes or so. I still think it’s the best of the new Star Wars movies by far… but it’s obviously up to your level of fandom to determine if that means anything.

Se7en. I mostly like Brad Pitt. The ending of Se7en is one of my favorites ever. Every time I watch it, it’s like I’m watching it for the first time. It’s so well paced and so well scored. It may be an editing thing, but there’s one shot of Brad towards the end where he goes back and forth between “sad face” and “angry face” two or three times. I’m SURE you know what I’m referring to if you’ve seen the movie. It’s still a really powerful ending, but I kinda pretend that one shot didn’t happen every time I watch it.

Dawn of the Dead. This might be the ONLY time you see me take a shot at Dawn of the Dead, so mark this moment. The original Dawn of the Dead was one of those movies that was written with a downer ending, but at the last second it was changed to a heroic one. This is reflected really obviously in the movie itself, where it builds up to a big dramatic conclusion, only to have one character completely change their mind and easily save the day. The thing that really bugs people about this scene isn’t so much that the tone changes, but that there’s this obnoxious “hero music” that plays during it. I’ve seen this part of the movie make people laugh on more than one occasion.

I was going to add one more movie to this list to round it out and make it a top five… but it’s a movie that needs much more discussion. So, next week… I’m going to take on one of the most landmark science fiction movies ever. BLADE RUNNER.


The Robotron Diaries : I’ve gotten as far as Wave 14 after many many attempts. My current best score is 316500. I find the strategy is to collect as many humans as possible in a desperate attempt to offset the huge amount of lives I’m losing. It doesn’t work most of the time.


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