Bombs that I liked.

So apparently Watchmen is a total flop financially. This is a little sad for Zack Snyder and so on… but the film is made now, and there’s no possibility of a sequel, so it doesn’t really bother me much. Maybe I’m just selfish. Either way, today’s mineshaft post is going to be about box office bombs that I liked. I pulled the list of bombs from wikipedia… yeah yeah their list doesn’t take into account DVD sales and the international market, but let’s not get technical.

Dark City was pretty great. Seriously. Watch this movie and The Matrix back to back… and you might like the Matrix a little bit less. It’s kinda plagued with the same problem that was in the original cut of Blade Runner : the voiceover that explains everything way too extensively. It’s not perfect at all, but it should be seen just for how great some parts are. I particularly like the idea of Shell Beach, the paradise like location that everyone seems to vaguely know how to get to, but forgets the exact directions when asked. 

eXistenZ. Ooh… David Cronenberg. This is going to be a list full of science fiction films for sure. This movie probably didn’t do well because of its weird name and weirder plot. It’s kind of an updated version of Videodrome. It’s about a video game that you play by porting a weird alien pod thing into your central nervous system. It also features a gun that’s made of bone that fires teeth. Yeah. It’s awesome. I enjoy this movie because it’s one hell of a ride, with philosophical questions flying all over the damn place. Cronenberg comes down hard on video games and the gaming population in this one, but we still love him anyway.

The Iron Giant. How the HELL was this movie not hugely successful. It’s by Brad Bird, who went on to do The Incredibles. This is the only real “family movie” that’s on this list, but I think that’s saying something. It’s rare that a great family film performs so badly. This one makes all kinds of animation top 10 lists, you should definitely check it out .

Mars Attacks! You’ve gotta love this movie just for the sheer amount of celebrity that the Martians kill off. It’s really not the best movie ever, but it has plenty of funny moments and the special effects were great for the time. This one was directed by Tim Burton, but it’s overlooked by those gothy teenaged Tim Burton fans that prefer their films dark and fantasy filled. These are the same people that turn a blind eye to his Planet of the Apes remake too… hmm, I wonder why? 

So I realized while writing this that these are all science fiction movies. I thought about including Grindhouse, but there should be a whole post for that. These are all recommended to fans of Sci Fi, except The Iron Giant, which is recommended to everyone.

Now go see Watchmen! Then see it again!


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