Before Watching the Watchmen…

This will be a short one… I don’t normally read reviews for movies I haven’t seen yet … but when there’s enough buzz and uproar on various movie sites, it can get hard to avoid. Also, the only thing worse than reading reviews for a movie you haven’t seen yet is defending a movie you haven’t seen yet.

Warning, this post links to an idiot who may or may not tell a spoiler or two.

Nevertheless…. Watchmen fans everywhere are in a rage over a few early reviews. Particularly this one : http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/hr/film-reviews/film-review-watchmen-1003945726.story

Now, as I said, I’m not going to rush to the defense of a movie I haven’t seen yet. I will, however, say that Kirk Honeycutt is an ass. He gets plenty of the basic information about the story wrong … my favorite being when he refers to the group that the vigilantes form as “The Masks”. He also just doesn’t seem to understand the premise of the film or the graphic novel. He writes “what’s with the silly Halloween getups?”, completely missing the point of the costumes, as well as one of the key points of the story.

Some people will say that the film should have better conveyed these ideas. I don’t know, I haven’t seen it yet. This brings us to the next thing… I do not care if this film is only for people who have read the book and want to see it on the screen. There aren’t sequels to look forward to, only a director’s cut dvd … so I don’t care if this film completely tanks commercially. I just want it to impress me and me alone.

Apparently many books stores are having a hard time keeping the original graphic novel in stock, so hopefully the amount of Watchmen readers shoots up enough for people to really enjoy the movie… but if not, that’s okay.

The director’s cut is going to be over three hours long. Faaaantastic.

But listen, I’ll be honest if it sucks. I haven’t made up my mind on it before seeing it. I’ll be seeing it immediately when it comes out though, and the next post here on the mineshaft will be postponed for a day or two in order to provide thorough Watchmen coverage. I will also try to comment on whether or not reading the graphic novel is essential or not, even though I obviously think it should be đŸ˜›

Cross your fingers fans, it’s not a long wait now…


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