What is wrong with you people?

So… the public has received Street Fighter IV with what I would call mostly favorable reviews. Sure, all the hardcore Street Fighter III fans are kinda sulking a little at the step backwards from the parrying system. Honestly, I don’t know what to make of it still … but you can go waaaay back to the beginning of this blog and read my early impressions of the game if you’re interested.

Most gamers today have some kind of fond memory of Street Fighter II. Everyone had their own little group of friends they played with, or perhaps an arcade they used to visit to play local strangers. Each group had its own relative skill level, and everyone gauged themselves accordingly. That is to say that all fighting game skill was relative.

I want a goddamn Sociologist to study this, because now, for the first time ever, the most hardcore and the most casual player can play together thanks to Xbox live and the Playstation Network. This is bad news though.

Because now most of you can realize how much you suck.

Another interesting development happened when all the various Street Fighter Alpha and Street Fighter III games came out, because most of the gaming public ignored them. Of course, the fighting game fans kept playing, honing their skills. The people coming back to the party now are terribly unequipped for the battle ahead.

For the first time ever, the sharks are in the same pool as the guppies, and it’s a beautiful thing to watch.

If we push aside all the SFIII fan reviews, the only other real negative I’ve been seeing about this game is that it is “too hard”. Now, I’m a challenge gaming psychopath, so you obviously can’t trust me, but listen. You can NEVER call a two player game too hard; you can only be not good enough at it.

Some people have complained about the final boss of the single player game. He’s your classic fighting game “character made up of all the other characters”. He’s kinda lame, and horrendously unfair. So basically, he’s like every fighting game boss. This is more a problem with the genre than anything else.

There’s one other interesting thing to notice in some of the reviews and responses to Street Fighter IV. Maybe it’s because the series has been going so long, or the fact that SFIV is kind of a “back to the roots” thing, but game reviewers are starting to openly acknowledge their own age before the age of the game itself. Nobody is saying that the game isn’t modern, but I’ve read many gamers who have said their twitch reflexes ain’t what they used to be.
SFIV has made people feel like the fighting game genre has passed them by…

It has.


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