My Name Is Bruce…

So I really wanted to like My Name Is Bruce… but I couldn’t. I’m an unapologetic Evil Dead fan. I’m a bit of a Bruce Campbell fan… but this one just didn’t do it for me.

The premise is that a small town is attacked by a monster, so they call on Bruce Campbell to come save them. Bruce plays a more awful version of himself, and of course hilarity ensues when the town discovers that he can’t live up to his heroic movie personas, or even his heroic movie star persona.

For me, the moments that involved that part of the premise were the only funny ones. I got a chuckle in one scene where Bruce Campbell kicks a fan of his in a wheelchair down a hill. Maybe i’m just cruel like that. I also enjoyed every moment that had Bruce Campbell running in fear and being an awful hero. There weren’t many of those…

The rest of the jokes just weren’t there. Like LITERALLY weren’t there. There were references galore to his other movies, with many to Evil Dead. None of these were clever references that were played for laughs though. They were all just “Oh, that’s a line from Army Of Darkness” moments. There really weren’t even many attempts at funny moments. Some of Bruce’s pals such as Ted Raimi have moments in the film too… if that interests you, go for it.

The monster is a chinese God that is “the protector of the dead … and bean curds”. It kinda looks like a giant Pai Mei with glowing eyes. It kinda floats around town chopping people’s heads off. It’s certainly not scary enough to get any type of horror film response, but it’s also not stupid enough to create any type of humor.

The whole movie really makes you realize the genius of Sam Raimi. If you look back on the original Evil Dead film, it was made for a small portion of the budget My Name is Bruce had, and it was by far the better made film. Yes, the two movies have very different goals and YES inflation bla bla bla, but the point is Sam Raimi made something out of nothing, and this film squandered a good premise with bad writing and lame filmmaking.

I suppose you’re wondering why I even sought out this film in the first place. Well, it gets ridiculously high praise from some pretty legit horror and horror/comedy fans. I really don’t understand it. I think Bruce Campbell fans must be really creepy people who will accept anything the man does, especially if it’s more or less a movie about how great his fans are.

For non fans, which apparently I am, this movie won’t anger you with its awfulness. It won’t be so bad it’s good. It’s just kinda… weak. I wasn’t even terribly hyped up to see it, and it left me disappointed.



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