I shall assist you in my heart!

Okay. Seriously. I don’t delve into puzzle games too often. I mean traditional puzzle games, with flashing lights and bright colors. I stumbled on “Monkey Puzzle Exchanger… also known as Money Idol Exchanger… and it has both dilated my pupils and tickled my fancy.

This game is available on the Game Boy, the Neo Geo, and the Playstation. It came out in 1997, according to the doubtlessly reliable wikipedia.

Now’s the part where I poorly explain the game. If you’re familiar with Magical Drop, it’s kinda like that. There are several columns of coins that slowly descend to the bottom of the screen. You run around at the bottom, frantically pulling down coins of a certain value, and then throwing them back up in groups. The values are 1, 5, 10, 50, 100, and 500. Once you’ve lined up enough coins in one group to equal the next highest value, those coins “rank up” into one of whatever value they added to. This sounds a little more mathematical than it really is… your brain quickly simplifies it to “GET FIVE OF THESE! GET TWO OF THOSE!”. Once two 500 coins touch, they disappear and give you points.

As a side note, you know all those animated gifs with the anime style chick jumping up and down with the huge boobs? Those came from Magical Drop.

How is Monkey Puzzle Exchanger better than Magical Drop? The solo play is much more randomized, instead of having fancy little predesigned sequences drop down on you. The coins don’t just disappear, they exchange… so there are way more strategic applications in terms of making chains. The music is better too… it infects your soul.

I should say a little more about the music. I don’t need it on my ipod, because it’s always just THERE in my skull. For some people, music is very important in their video games. This one will absolutely qualify.

It’s a japanese puzzle game… which means the translation is just atrocious. For some people that means it’s a bit of a drawback… but for everyone else I’m sure you can giggle at some of the terribly phrased text. Like so many puzzle games, it’s built around both a solo mode and a vs. mode. Because it’s an arcade game, it has that ridiculous difficulty arc where the first two rounds are pathetically easy and the third one immediately pummels you into the ground. Solo play also has a point where it becomes near impossible to continue. Maybe it’s the challenge gamer in me… but this is another great point for this game.

Dude… Listen. Play this game. If you have an easier time finding Magical Drop and you haven’t heard of that, go for it… but if you can play Monkey Puzzle whateverthefuckit’scalled… do it!


1 Response to “I shall assist you in my heart!”

  1. February 2, 2009 at 3:41 pm

    I am SO happy that you have become addicted to this game. The music is still in my head and I kind of want a version of the game so that I can play it ALL THE TIME. It’s the kind of game I need to play furiously and surprise you WITH HOW AWESOME I AM AT IT next time we need to waste some time.

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