Savagely underrated.

First things first, all gamers should watch THIS

I play way too many games. I think it’s the obsessive compulsive in me that makes me need to play them all the way through… and… incessantly. Every now and then I trip on a game that I love, an overlooked gem of sorts. No, this isn’t going to be a post about Ikaruga… or Sacrifice…. or Eternal Darkness. 

This game is free. 

Okay, so it’s free… I bet it has all kinds of ads and shit right? Nooope. Okay, well I bet it’s all shitty and has no graphics like those stupid dwarf games you like. Noooope. Gather round children, let me tell you all about it.

Savage 2 : A tortured soul. It’s fucking FREE. What’s that? It’s an awesome game that combines strategy and first person shooter elements together into an excellent multiplayer team game. One player on each side is the “commander”, who can see the battle from overhead in a warcraft style view. Every other player on each team is one single little dude in the battle. With guidance from their commander, they can be encouraged to go to various places and defend/attack. They receive experience points for completing objectives, while the commander needs to manage both the player controlled troops and the economy of his team.

There are many classes to pick from for each side. Each side is different as well… humans vs BEASTMEN. Dude it has fucking beastmen! Both sides get siege equipment as well… the beastmen get a huge ass giant that HITS THINGS WITH A TREE.

Seriously though, the teamwork oriented play is great. It’s far more valuable for you to listen to what your commander is telling you than to just run around shooting people. The combat is focused on sword fights and long range shooting. Both are extremely well implemented and balanced.

Basically… I don’t understand why the whole world isn’t stopped from everyone playing this game. You’re wondering what the catch is? There isn’t one. There’s a bit of a learning curve… there is an in game tutorial that lets you fool around and practice, but you’ll only really learn by getting thrown into an online game and fucking up several times. The online community isn’t huge either. At any given time there are maybe 4-10 mid to full sized battles going on. I have no problem with this, but hopefully it will grow now that it’s FREE. 

If you let a learning curve put you off this game you are doing yourself a massive disservice. Stop with the counterstrike. How many times can you play on DE dust before it gets dull. Savage 2 dared to do something different, and it’s about time we start rewarding developers that try completely new ideas. 

Potential savage 2 recruits, go here

See you on the battlefield.


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