Wait… I’ve gotta get ’em ALL!?

I enjoyed time slowing down for the holidays this year… but now it’s back to the schedule and back to the articles! 

I don’t know exactly where this lingo developed, but gamers who enjoy MMO games can be labeled using the suits in a deck of cards. These labels apply to other online video games as well, as you will soon see. I would also like to point out right here that I do not play any MMO games. Perhaps there will be a post on that in the future? Anyway, here we go…

Clubs refers to a player whose primary goal is to fight other players. Club style players prefer games with an emphasis on PvP, so they can smash in other people’s skulls! It’s all about systematically destroying someone else in an online environment. Every effort they make in the game is about furthering their PvP combat skills.

Hearts players are there for the community more than the actual game. The cliche is to say that these are the g-g-girrrls… but I still don’t think girls actually play MMOs. This category is also for the people who are mostly done with the game for personal reasons, but might jump back in to play with friends and such. Interestingly, hearts style players are often the most half hearted in terms of actual play.

Spaders are players that are there for game content. They wanna do everything one time. The video game thrillseeker that wants to get every upgrade and see every corner of the land. I sometimes find myself thinking like this in video games. This one is probably the second most obsessive compulsive of the bunch.

The most OCD is of course, the Diamonds. Diamonds type players are there for the loot. Hoo boy, that usually means all kinds of searching and working to get every last little bit of anything that has in game value.  Sometimes the loot is for in game gain, but sometimes it’s for its own sake. Often the game can become like work for these people. 

As much as I hate personality labels, I think these work rather well. The first two are more of a social fixation, while the second two are more of a personal fixation. The first two categories require a multiplayer game, but Spades and Diamonds refer to all kinds of gamers in other categories.

I asked myself what is it that compels me to collect everything in one game, but do an almost minimalist run in another. For me, it seems to be only my level of enjoyment of the game. I collected every damn Smash Bros Melee trophy. For NO reason. There are other games though, like the Metroid series, where I go through them and collect waaaay less than half of the hidden content and items. I don’t think this is bound to gameplay mechanics or level design… I think it’s a stupid part of the human mind that is seeking excuses to lengthen gameplay. 

If you want a little replay value from this post, go back and read through the suit descriptions again, but this time pay special attention to how not ONE of them seems to represent a healthy psychological trait.


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