Oh, you crazy googlers…

In celebration of the end of the year, I think I’ll do what so many blogs do and post the various weird searches that lead people here. Ready? Here are some of my faves:


anna paquin 3
bullet hell system 2
bullet hell games 2
strange canadian mineshaft 1
“the wire” hbo 1
the reddingmineshaft 1  
movie where a ring is left by a mine sha 1  
quarantine drill scene 1  
redding mine shaft 1  
hbo game of thrones 1  
zombie slaveboy 1  
reddingmineshaft 1  
redding mineshaft 1  
“she can suck on sunlight” 1  
quarantine brain 1  
bullet ode 1  
ode bullet compared 1  
“interactive fiction” 1  
redding computer 1
hitbox bullet hell


My comments? Well, it’s nice to see that a little bit of brand recognition is happening with the name of this blog. What I never would have believed is the amount of traffic generated by the bullet hell post. I figured that would be an obscure one that got no attention, but look at all those searches! Bullet Hell was evidently a hot topic. My absolute fave, and the reason I decided to do a post like this, is “zombie slaveboy”. This one showed up just the other day, perhaps in some veiled connection to the I Am Legend post

That’s why these search posts are fun sometimes. They show you what’s inside the mind of people when they google. I’m thinking “Strange Canadian Mineshaft” must lead some other awesome places. It’s also very clear that I need to make more posts that feature Anna Paquin and her boobage. 

We’ll be back to regular rant style posting on Thursday. I enjoyed taking the one day off posting last week, but I found it left me itching for a few entries… and I kept feeling like I was forgetting something. I’ll be back on the regular schedule of Monday and Thursday posts starting now as well. Happy New Year everyone!


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