The most awesomest boss evarrr

I had several ideas for what this next post would be about. I thought about pointing out the various ways which fallout 3 has already fallen behind fallout 2 in my heart. I’ll wait until I actually PLAY fallout 3 before I really weigh in on that though …

This post is going to be about one of the most awesome boss battles in video game history. I’ll go ahead and let you speculate. Could he be referring to some epic rpg battle? A gimmicky metal gear fight? Perhaps a knuckle busting mega man encounter? 

Nono, this is an article on Seven Force, the boss in the mineshaft level of Gunstar Heroes, for the Sega Genesis. In order to really feel how awesome this boss is, you need to play on hard or extreme difficulty mode. Although I guess if you’re really cool you were already doing that.

Firstly, Seven Force is great in the sheer numbers game of it. Name one other boss that has seven different forms. I don’t mean seven patterns or seven attacks, you literally have to defeat seven forms. The only boss that I know of that even ties that is of course… Ed the Undying. 30 nerd points and optional makeouts for whomever got that reference.

The boss is also technically excellent. It has extremely fast, yet smooth animation. It has really badass music. Oh, and it takes place flying through a mineshaft at a million miles an hour while you’re equipped with a cart that can alter gravity and grip on the ceiling. Dude!

There are no repeats of the various forms either… and each one is entirely unique on how it chooses to punish you. Some are fought on a horizontal scrolling plane and others are fought in a narrow vertical mineshaft. They also unfold in a (mostly) random order, so you never really know what you’re up against next. One of the forms is a giant mechanical gun. As far as I know Megatron can only transform into ONE other thing. Seven Force can turn into SIX more once he’s done with the ol’ gun trick. 

I’ll take a minute to sing the praises of Gunstar Heroes in general. It’s one of the finest side scrolling shoot ’em ups ever created, easily holding its ground next to things like Contra and Metal Slug. It has a huge variety of weaponry, an endless amount of on screen chaos, and the ability to do several martial arts moves in close combat. Unlike most shitty close combat moves in games like this, there are situations where you will actually consider getting closer to the baddies to dish out one really powerful throw instead of standing way across the screen and sniping them.

Oh yes, it’s two player as well. In fact, it’s one of the best two player cooperative experiences you can have with a classic game like this. Another nice feature is that when your friend sucks at it (as friends so often do), after he’s dead he can respawn by pressing start and taking half your health. This sounds like a huge burden on you, and it is, but it also means that there are strategic moments where you might consider taking the hit to your vitality in order to have one extra gun pointed at a tough boss. 

It’s available on the wii virtual console. If you have a wii and haven’t played Gunstar Heroes… ohmygod get it now. Get it and go kick Seven Force’s ass on extreme difficulty!


1 Response to “The most awesomest boss evarrr”

  1. October 28, 2008 at 2:48 am

    My FIRST thought was, “OMG What about Ed the Undying?”

    I’ll be taking my nerd points and makeouts now.

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